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Electronic Signature Sheet Oregon State Recall

We officially have approval from the Secretary of State to start collecting signatures. Below are the electronic signature sheets for Senator Chuck Riley (Senate District 15) and Representative Susan McLain (House District 29). Your petition sheet MUST match your voter registration.


Tuesday, June 9  10:00am – 6:00pm
We’ll be at MK Tactical Guns and Training in Hillsboro collecting signatures for Recall Chuck Riley and Recall Susan McLain. Show up and show your support!
MK Tactical Guns and Training 128 W Main St, Hillsboro, Oregon 97123


05.28.15 via OFF

It’s not over.

The Democrats were able to ram through an unconstitutional law that attacks your rights, but Oregonians are not rolling over.

On Saturday a rally is being held on the Capitol steps to send a message to the legislature that gun owners have no intention of complying with any law that violates their rights. Please come.
The people of the state are responding too.

On June 2, the Lane County Commission will be considering a resolution to deny funding for the enforcement of SB 941, Bloomberg’s gun owner registration bill. This is a powerful statement and deserves your support. Please contact the Lane County Commissioners and urge them to enact this resolution. Salem needs to know what the people really believe. But there is more.

The City of Canby is also discussing a resolution to send the same message.

On June 3, the City Council will be voting on Resolution 1217, a resolution to discourage the expenditure of any city funds to enforce SB 941. The county in which the city is located, (Clackamas) has already come out in opposition to 941, as has the Sheriff.


Now the City of Canby is stepping up.

But several anti-rights council members are working their liberal groups to oppose this important measure and feeding misinformation to the media in hopes of derailing this reaffirmation of our rights.
Please contact the Canby City Council with a message of support for Resolution 1217.   A sample message and contact info follows:


Dear Councilor,

Resolution 1217 sends a powerful message that you are willing to defend the rights of the people who elected you.

The Democrats in Salem have chosen to attack the rights and privacy of the residents of Canby.   As you know, the Clackamas County Commission is on record opposing expansion of the failed background check system. The Clackamas County Sheriff opposes it as well. The Canby Police Department has enough to do without the wild goose chases they will be sent on as a result of this bill.  Do the right thing. Support Resolution 1217


Mayor Brian Hodson
Councilor Tim Dale

Councilor Todd Rocha

Councilor Traci Hensley

Councilor Greg Parker
Councilor Clint Coleman

Councilor Tracie Heidt


Please mail completed and signed petition sheets to:

Recall Chuck Riley
Recall Susan McLain
P.O. Box 6454
Beaverton, OR  97007

You can verify and update your voter registration here: Oregon Secretary of State – My Vote

To Confirm you live inside the district check hereFind Your Legislator Map

Do you live in the shaded areas?

Recall Chuck Riley State Senate, District 15

Recall Susan McLain State Representative, District 29

Val Hoyle recall campaign

It is a sad day for Freedom in Oregon!  Idiots voted for safety over Freedom today…
The duly elected representatives of the Oregon House of Representatives have voted with their dishonest partisan party to violate Oregonians inalienable constitutionally protected RIGHT to keep and bear Arms and passed SB-941. The moment this dishonest partisan parties unelected Governor signs this bill into law, all Oregonians will be required to ask government permission and pay a TAX and enter themselves and their firearms into an Oregon state police registry that must be kept at least five years and could be kept indefinitely with no clear limits on access to that registry information, in order to exercise our inalienable State and Federal constitutionally protected RIGHT to keep and bear Arms, a right that the constitution says shall not be infringed.

We the silent majority who believe in freedom, liberty and a government of the people, by the people, for the people, a government whose job is to operate within the limits of the state and the federal Constitutions, to secure and maintain the inalienable rights of the people without infringement must come together and stand up and speak up NOW.

If we do not speak up, who will?

The U.S. Constitution is the key to securing liberty for all Americans — yet very few know exactly what it says and what freedoms it protects


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