Stop SB-941

This law will unconstitutionally infringe on every single law abiding Oregonian by demanding they seek and obtain GOVERNMENT PERMISSION and pay a TAX in order to simply exercise their constitutional protected inalienable right to keep and bear arms.  This is the definition of infringement!  This bill if signed into law would do absolutely NOTHING to keep criminals intent on using firearms to commit violent crimes from doing so.
URGE your Representatives to vote NO on this unconstitutional gun control bill, SB-941.

The same Private Firearm Sales Ban and de facto Gun Registration scheme that deprived gun owners of their Second Amendment Rights in Washington State last year (and cost three Colorado lawmakers their jobs the year before), is on the verge of passing the Oregon Legislature.

Please call your State Representatives right now and URGE them to vote NO on this unconstitutional gun control bill, SB-941.

Democratic Leader
Rep. Val Hoyle (D-14)
rep.valhoyle@state.or.usSpeaker Tina Kotek (D-44)
rep.tinakotek@state.or.usRep. Carla Piluso (D-50)
Rep.CarlaPiluso@state.or.usRep. Betty E. Komp (D-22)
rep.bettykomp@state.or.usRep. Brad Witt (D-31)
rep.bradwitt@state.or.usRep. Brent Barton (D-40)
Republican Leader
Rep. Mike McLane (R-55)
rep.mikemclane@state.or.usRep. Joe Gallegos (D-30)
Rep.JoeGallegos@state.or.usRep. Paul Evans (D-20)
Rep.PaulEvans@state.or.usRep. Phil Barnhart (D-11)
rep.philbarnhart@state.or.usRep. Shemia Fagan (D-51)

To speak to your Representative use this district lookup tool, or call 503-986-1870 and ask to speak to your Representative.

Thank you for taking immediate action!

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